What is a yoni?

“Yoni” is the Sanskrit word for vagina and womb. It means sacred temple. “Vagina” is quite a medical word that originally means sheath for the sword. Many women involved in women’s wellness and healing, tantric breath work and energy work prefer to use the beautiful term yoni. This is what I will use here and actually includes vagina/vulva/cervix/uterus/ovaries all together!

The Yoni egg. A women’s anti-ageing secret to youth and vitality?

This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to click and make a purchase I will receive a small amount at no extra charge to you. Thank you. A Yoni egg is sometimes called a Jade egg as this is the most common crystal used due to its strength and healing properties. WHAT IS A YONI EGG_ (2) I myself own a Jage egg, rose quartz egg and an obsidian egg. I started using the Jade egg first after the birth of my 4th child. I felt drawn to this sacred practice as well as other healing modalities. After a 6 month trip to Penang, a mainly Chinese populated island in Malaysia I became interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture, massage, energy work, herbal teas and tinctures as well as all things Jade! I had meditated with a focus on breathwork for many years and I soon felt similar benefits. The yoni egg changed my life. I experienced increased energy and people said I looked younger! Most importantly I developed a closer, deeper connection with myself and acceptance and love of my body. Other crystals like rose quartz, obsidian, amethyst and carnelian are also used. The yoni egg practise came from China and includes ancient Taoist practices like energy cultivation, circulation and sublimation.


Using a yoni egg can help to:

  • Increase pleasure and sexual bliss
  • Enhance deep and multiple orgasms
  • Encourage nurturing connection
  • Strengthen  pelvic floor muscles
  • Relax the yoni muscles to facilitate deep healing and release blockages, stuck energy and tension (like a neck massage)

Most yonis experience 4 things:

  1. Pleasure (often your partner’s pleasure), creating a sense of pressure
  2. Hygiene
  3. Medical procedures or childbirth
  4. Abuse or mistreatment

This leaves limited space for you to really know your own individual pleasure system, your sexuality in a female body or identify your desires. free cbt video series

What Is Sexual Healing?

Women carry a lot of shame and guilt around sexuality, bodies and desires. Girls and young women grow up with a lack of education around women’s issues, not just around sexuality, desires and behaviour but also around women’s bodily functions like menstruation. As a result, many women are disconnected from their bodies especially their yoni. What about you?   Meditation or yoni yoga using a yoni egg can help you with:

Pleasure: Increase your orgasmic potential by stimulating your internal pleasure.

Connection: Experience more self-love, an open heart and increased confidence

Healing: Facilitate deep physical and emotional healing with the yoni egg, (trauma).

How Do You Use A Yoni Egg?

The Yoni Egg is a smooth, egg-shaped crystal which is used for women’s pelvic floor exercises. It’s placed inside the vagina, to heal, increase muscle tone and activate a deeper connection with your yoni. Meditation with breathwork and energy circulation using a yoni egg can help you experience energy orgasms and full-body orgasms. Yoni yoga while wearing the yoni egg helps tone your pelvic muscles. A yoni egg is different from a vibrator or dildo which simple penetrates your yoni. A yoni egg helps energetically open your yoni. Steps to use your yoni egg:

  1. Hold yoni egg (drilled and stringed for beginners)
  2. Set an intention
  3. After breast massage or intimate massage with coconut oil, slowly breathe deeply
  4. Inhale spread legs slightly apart and let your yoni open.
  5. Exhale gently raise your pelvic floor up and in, “sipping” in your yoni egg
  6. Practice meditation or yoni yoga
  7. Or wear your egg and carry on with usual daily activities
  8. To remove: the egg will come out on its own.
  9. Or relax and squat
  10. Or gently pull the string and bare down. It can’t get lost!


Sexual shame

  • What causes sexual shame?
  • How do you release and let go of shame?
Most cultures and religions teach us to feel ashamed around our female bodies and sexual desires. Women’s sexuality is taboo in many parts of the world. From a young age, self-pleasure is seen as shameful and discouraged by religion, adults and the media.
Sexual abuse or trauma can cause deep sexual shame which needs to be addressed and released.

Steps to release shame:

  1. Acknowledge your shame
  2. Sit with your shame
  3. Feel your shame
  4. Breathe deeply
  5. Move the emotion of shame, this energy through the body using deep breathing and transmute.
  6. Talk openly about your shame

When we feel ashamed it is a toxic emotion of feeling ashamed of who we are. It is important to let go of this feeling. When women get together and talk openly about their feelings it can create a very sacred, safe and accepting space for healing. Women’s circles are such a healthy, healing environment for this work. A loving, non-judgemental and supportive sexual partner can help you work through and let go of shame. Yoni eggs, yoni wands, yoni steaming and breast massage are effective methods for connecting with your female body. Moving sexual energy through your body to release and transmute stuck energy allows you to experience more sensitivity and pleasure.

Common Misconceptions

This is a deeply spiritual/energetic, mental, physical and emotional practice. It’s not just another kegel exercise to tighten up your yoni. A lot of emotions and thoughts, beliefs and physical sensations can come up, some may be uncomfortable or even worrying depending on your past experiences, childhood or cultural beliefs and your relationship or disconnection with/from your yoni. The following questions can be useful to use as journal prompts.

  • How do I feel about my relationship to my sexuality
  • What would I like my sexual experiences to look or feel like?
  • What stories, rules, or beliefs do I have about sex?
  • What are my worries, fears, resistances to sexual healing?
  • What do I like about my yoni?
  • How do I feel about sexual healing?
  • What are my hopes, goals around sexuality?

The Last Thing You Need To Know

As a woman, your sexuality is the core of your being. It affects your whole life, creativity, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. It can also affect your relationship with money, work and business. As well as your intimate relationships with others and with yourself. So it is important! Yoni awareness and yoni care is a form of self-love and self-care as a woman. Developing this relationship with your yoni and promoting body positivity and celebrating your female sexual essence is essential for increasing creativity, vibrancy and wellness. I strongly recommend buying quality yoni eggs at Yoni Pleasure Palace. Rosie Rees delivers worldwide. If you want to learn more about sacred sexuality and women’s healing I would love to help and support you. I offer a FREE 30 Minute Women’s Activate Intimacy and Strengthen Relationship Coaching call. Please contact me. Feel Stellar!

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