Practising mindfulness improves attention, increases calm feelings and encourages a happy mood, reduces stress and helps you feel compassion and empathy easily.

These are great skills to teach and share with children. Children can struggle with their emotions and behaviour and experience challenges when dealing with the emotions and behaviour of other children. Mindfulness can be hugely beneficial for all children.

Reading regularly to children is important because it improves language skills, increases bonding between parents and children and provides an opportunity for parents and children to discuss important topics.

I deliberately choose books that have a positive message about thoughts, feelings and behaviour that I can share with my children.

I have four children so it can be a challenge to find a book that they all enjoy. In my experience, stories or books about these positive messages with a clear topic and theme capture their attention and imagination.

I also believe that children are naturally living in a mindful state. They notice and appreciate the present moment and live in the now. They love to be out in nature and have a curious approach to learning and life.

I love that my children remind me with their carefree attitude to practice mindfulness and inspire me to be more like them! It is so easy for me as an adult to forget that the simple things in life can provide the greatest joy.


Mindfulness can seem daunting to some. Many people have ideas or make assumptions that it is difficult or a religious concept. The truth is mindfulness is just a practice that needs to be learned and developed with patience. The key to success is to keep it simple and find an activity that suits you.

Books about mindfulness can include any of the following topics:

  • Feelings
  • Encouraging v. critical thoughts
  • Behaviours and habits
  • Human rights
  • Nature and animals
  • Families
  • Travel
  • Different cultures
  • Challenging situations eg. illness
  • New scenarios or ideas eg. potty training, starting school
  • Philosophical or religious morals
  • Food and recipes
  • Exercise and the human body
  • Traditional stories
  • Yoga
  • Meditation



1. ABC for me. ABS Yoga

2. Goodnight Yoga

3. Yoga Bug

4. Sitting still like a frog

5. Mindful kids

6. A Handful of quiet

7. I am Peace

8. Feelings flashcards

9. The feelings book

10. Yoga pretzels flashcards

11. Yoga and mindfulness practices card deck

12. We are all born free

13. We’re different, we are the same

14. Glad monster, sad monster

15. What to do when your thoughts get stuck

16. Listening to my body

17. Philosophy for kids

18. What do you believe?

19. The I love you book

20. 3 minute gratitude journal for kids


There are so many ways to teach mindfulness to children. Some children may be better suited to games and activities, others more suited to watching videos about mindfulness. My kids love flashcards and I have started encouraging my 7-year-old to list a few things that she is grateful for. My kids like to list the highlights of the day too which is a great mindfulness exercise for ending the day on a positive note. It is a convenient reminder for myself too!

For those children who love books, I believe blending the two ideas together is perfect!

Thanks for reading!

Do you use any favourite books to help teach your kids about mindfulness? I’d love to know!

Feel Stellar!

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