9 tips to improve your relationship

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9 Tips To Improve Your Relationship

Your relationship with yourself and your relationship with your partner are valuable and important and should be prioritized. I strongly believe that it takes regular work, attention and love.

There is always room for improvement and always space to grow, learn and explore, individually or together! So how do you improve your relationship?

Improve Your Relationship

I try to approach all my relationships with friends and family in a similar way to how I approach my relationship with my husband. I want to bring that same connection, depth and fun to all those interactions.

I do find that any and every romantic relationship and partnership takes work, dedication and commitment. It is a constant and continuing journey of discovery and insight.

I’ve been in a relationship with my husband for 13 years with many ups and downs riding the waves of love and life together. When we got married my oldest childhood friend gave me this piece of advice which I loved so much.

Marriage is such a romantically unrealistic idea. This expectation that we had a party and now we are together for a lifetime. I think of it as a choice we make everyday to love and live together, everyday. Each day adds up to a lifetime.”

Isabel (curly haired, French Welsh friend)

What Is A Good Relationship Anyway?

We are all unique individuals and change as we experience life. The type of relationship you enjoyed when we were young might not be what you want or need now. 

Everyone has a different idea of what makes a great relationship. It is important that you and your partner have at least a few common thoughts and feelings about what is important in your relationship.

One common misconception is that ‘everyone is having more fun, romance, sex, adventure, excitement, (insert your own thought here!) than me!’

Remember to always be kind to yourself. It is so easy to focus on what might be wrong. Here is a question for you if you have a partner.

What action could I take to be a more loving, attentive, generous, patient (insert your own here!) partner?

What steps could I take to improve this relationship?

How To Get Started?

  • A great attitude helps. It can be difficult to admit to yourself that you’re not completely satisfied or happy with the state of your relationship. I always believe that everything can be fixed, everything can be improved upon. You just make the decision to take some action.

9 Tips For Improving Your Relationship

  1. Start with your relationship with yourself. Do you accept yourself? Do you love yourself?
  2. Take steps to shift your inner harmony through self-love and self-care activities. This will radiate out to your relationships. Make time for the things that make you feel good, feel stellar! For me, receiving massage works every time!  What makes you feel nourished?
  3. Take responsibility for your relationship, your sexuality, your emotions, your growth. When you dare to take responsibility, (a more empowering emotion) instead of placing blame, (a more negative and heavy emotion) on another or yourself you can experience more empowerment for your own healing, your own improvement.
  4. Meet your partner from a space of self-love and acceptance and not from a place of lack. I don’t subscribe to the whole ‘you complete me’ relationship viewpoint! What do you think?
  5. View and value your relationship with your partner as an opportunity (and a journey) for discovery, growth and adventure.
  6. Identify what you want in, and want from your relationship and partner. Our brains are wired to look for dangers, obstacles and threats so we can often find ourselves focusing on the negatives.
  7. Communicate your thoughts, feelings and desires more clearly with honesty, clarity and love.
  8. Develop and cultivate a more general loving, kind, patient and forgiving attitude towards yourself, your partner and your expectations from your relationship. He or she will feel this! Having a mindfulness practice is a fast method to achieve this.
  9. Making time for each other to regularly connect and communicate is vital. I’m not a sit on the sofa and ’Netflix and chill’ every night type of relationship person. Do you agree or disagree?

‘Make sure to say thank you to your wife for all the things that she does. The things you just take for granted, making dinner, tidying the house. My wife always acknowledges it when I do it, but I have to remind myself. It really makes you feel so valued’.

Advises Gana, my friend, a hopeless romantic and father of two

The Last Thing You Need To Know

Relationships are fun! But, they do take work with there always being opportunities to improve.

As an intimacy and relationship coach, I experience great satisfaction helping a person step into their power and embrace their joy alone and in their relationship. I offer a 30 min complimentary activate intimacy call if you wish to improve your relationship through Intimacy,  relationship and embodiment coaching with me.

Book now: [email protected]

My own marriage provides me (and my patient husband) with challenges and opportunities for self-insight, growth, fun and adventure every day as we raise four children together and try to maintain our connection as a couple.  

Please email me: [email protected] with your thoughts and I will add your comments to this article. Together we can help others by sharing our own experiences.

What are your tips for improving your relationship?

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