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Thank you for being here! This post is about my business, Stellar Wellness and her story.

My name is Niomi.

I am passionate about:

  • Mindfulness, meditation (breathwork and visualisation)
  • Relationships and connection
  • Positive psychology, CBT and much more!

I started Stellar Wellness in 2018 because how you feel is interesting and important to me.

How I’m feeling is very interesting to me as well! I like to strike a perfect balance between super relaxed, calm and full of purpose, passion and pleasure. Do you find yourself in that zone often?

The Stellar Wellness Story

I wanted to be able to offer services in the field of wellness in my small town.  After many years focused on raising 4 small kids, I started offering meditation, yoga,  mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy in person while studying to become a massage therapist.

Massage, Yoga, Meditation and CBT

The combination of massage, yoga, meditation and CBT is a model I use myself in my daily life with my children, family and my own work with mind, body and soul to live a life full of purpose, passion and pleasure.

Regular massage had a dramatic effect on my health. Mind, body and soul felt perfectly aligned and I haven’t experienced physical pain for years.

Meditation, specifically breathwork and visualisation helped me develop a calm, confident attitude and a positive mindset. I learned how to bounce back from setbacks, developed mental and emotional resilience and learned how to respond calmly to others instead of reacting aggressively.

Cognitive behavioural techniques taught me how to live my best life. I learned how my thoughts, emotions, physical feelings and behaviour are all linked. I developed a sense of love and acceptance of all my emotions.

This holistic approach to wellness focuses on the importance of feeling joy, feeling good, feeling stellar! My kids call it Brainwork, Bodywork and Breathwork! Basically, mind, body and soul.

That’s why my background in Psychology and my own life experiences as a mother, as well as my struggles with a physical illness can help you. I believe we can all heal ourselves. I would love to support you with this.

Along the way, I have grown and learned so much and through my business, it is my greatest joy to share this knowledge and experience with you and encourage and uplift you.

My Mission

By expanding Stellar Wellness online I aim to support more people, especially through my online CBT and relationship coaching services.

My mission is to support and empower women especially to really connect with their mind, body and soul as well as develop intimacy in their relationships.

It is my priority to develop and nurture a solid connection and relationship with you in order to understand, help and support you.

My mission in this beautiful life and with Stellar Wellness is to have fun and help you identify and remember what it is that you find fun. I hope that you will prioritize that feeling and those activities so that you feel good, feel stellar as often as possible, hopefully, every day.

Then you can share and spread that joy to the people you meet!

I’m a woman and a mother of four children and I am expecting my 5th baby in Summer 2019. I discuss my experiences openly in my blog and hope you find some value (and humour!) there!’

So tell me, is feeling good and living your life with purpose, passion and pleasure important to you?

If your soul is saying YES! You are with the right people.

You can find me on my Youtube channel and Facebook page, Stellar Wellness for videos. I’m also on Pinterest and Instagram. I am a visual person and love taking photos.

Be part of the friendly Stellar Wellness community! I would love to invite you to join my email list community. It is free and you will be the first to receive wellness tips.

If you are interested in online intimacy and relationship coaching you are welcome to contact me: [email protected]

I appreciate you.

Feel stellar!

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