the secret to manifesting anything you want

How to be successful with Manifestation

It’s complicated and it’s easy at the same time. We have to get out of our own way. That is the secret to manifesting and creating anything you want.

I was struggling with something I wanted to manifest and create in my life.

I talked to a beautiful new friend about this. She was amazed by the synchronicity because she has been trying to manifest the same change in her own life thousands of miles away from me.

She has been successful and I am still in the process. I asked her for her advice.

Me: “How did you do it?”

Manifestation master friend: “I surrendered!

The biggest thing to manifest was to get happy with where I am. I changed that feeling stuck, to appreciating everything about where I was.
I actually had a story about my house. It made me feel trapped and stuck.
But it also held so many amazing memories with the kids. And kept us warm and safe.
We have a beautiful view and land. We have a lake across the road.
I was afraid at first if I loved the house, then we’d never move. But it really was key. 
I let go of ever convincing my husband. I worked on getting happy and I visualized a wonderful day- that included the mountains or beach. Which is where we are going. 
I also did not get too specific about all the details of where- we still don’t know the details. We are selling our house now…
So I let my husband be. This was soooooo hard for me!!! It took me a long time to do!
I had to trust that the universe would take care of it.”
She reminded me that I need to be more clear on my dream. I need to surrender and trust more. I also need to stop worrying about it all. I basically need to chill out!
I’m so grateful that I met this friend and that she reminded me of this important lesson!

Why is it important?

How you feel is important. How do you feel?

When I live in this way. Manifesting and consciously creating I feel good.

I feel more alive.

I feel passion.

I feel purpose.

I feel pleasure.

I feel powerful.

I take responsibility for my thoughts, feelings, body, behaviour.

I take responsibility for my life. The good and the bad.

Manifestation and conscious creation have shown me a more inspiring, empowering and fun way to live.

I’ve tried to teach it to my kids too! It’s a work in process! The most important thing is that they feel inspired, empowered and think it’s fun too. Kids love to believe in magic, and superheroes and witches and fairies. I want my children to feel empowered and not afraid or controlled. At the very least it’s a positive mindset training for them.

If you feel lost, struggling and hopeless I want you to experience all of the above instead.

You could just give it a try!



What is manifestation?

Here are a few definitions of manifestation:

  • To make something happen.
  • To make a dream real.
  • To create your own reality.
  • To set an intention and believe it will happen.
  • To make a wish and know it will come true.
  • To identify your goal and take an action step towards it with confidence.

So it can go well or not so well. I believe we are always creating…and if we’re not consciously creating we can create all kinds of things that we may not have really wanted.


What is your biggest dream, goal, wish, intention, desired outcome?

Most of us focus on what we don’t want.

We’re not used to thinking about what we want apart from the small things like what do we want to eat for dinner.

It can be difficult or alien for us to sit down and make a list of our wildest dreams.

It can be challenging to locate our true wishes in our mind.

It can be strange for us to state our deepest desires aloud.

We need someone to give us permission!

Once we do the above, it’s a gamechanger.



You need to get in the zone. Raise your vibe. Get all zen. Feel the energy. Whatever resonates with you.

Basically my kids would say you can’t make a wish if you’re in a grumpy mood.

I will add: it’s hard to think clearly if you’re feeling stressed or depressed.

So get calm, excited, think clearly to make a good wish!

  • Meditate and sit in a sense of calm and joy
  • Clarity: what do you want?
  • Write down your desires, dreams and goals.
  • Visualisation: use all senses to paint a picture of your most desired outcome. How do you feel when it’s real?
  • Feel and accept and believe you are worthy. You deserve it.
  • Feel and accept and believe it is on its way. It’s being made. It is done
  • Gratitude. Bask in this feeling. You’re really happy with what you have, and…
  • Excitement. You feel excited that your dream is coming true. Do something you love, dance, run, sex!
  • Surrender to the outcome and a time frame. It will happen when it happens!

how to create anything you want

Common misconceptions:

This is not an easy or quick process.

It can be.

It’s just we usually have a lot of limiting beliefs, distractions and negative thoughts and feelings which get in the way.

Once the blocks are identified, accepted and removed the process can be accelerated!

It is an ongoing process. Life can distract you from your goals. Mindset is everything. Relax and enjoy the process. It’s supposed to be fun!

Follow the fun and good stuff happens.

This is why I’m always going on about feeling stellar! When I prioritise feeling stellar, the stuff seems to happen quickly.



It can be difficult to manifest or create if you block the process with the following negative mindset and feelings:

  • Impatience
  • Lack of feeling worthy
  • Lack of self-belief
  • Lack of trust and faith in yourself and the universe
  • Lack of clarity. You must identify a specific goal.
  • Lack of action. You must take inspired action.
  • Lack of belief….you just don’t believe in magic or fun or quantum physics!

Last thing you need to know:

Take action: one small step leads to many steps, leading to your desired outcome.

Remember this is a practice. Consciously be aware of any blocks you may experience daily and address them!

Do you consciously manifest and create? I’d love to know.

Email me Niomi: [email protected]

Feel Stellar!

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