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Complimentary 30 Minute Activate Intimacy & Strengthen Relationships Call


Are you:

  • Female and frustrated?
  • Having difficulty communicating with your partner?
  • Suffering from low libido?
  • Going through heartbreak and loss?
  • Struggling with body image issues?
  • Suffering from shame?
  • Unable to experience pleasure or want to experience more pleasure?
  • Critical of yourself?
  • Lacking intimacy in your relationship?
  • Disconnected from your own body and pleasure?

You know deep down there is a better way to experience love and relationships.

Do you desire:

  • Greater love and romance in your relationship?
  • More connection and intimacy?
  • Wild passion and excitement?
  • Balance and embodiment in your female body?
  • Mindblowing ecstasy, bliss and pleasure?
  • An easier, secure, exciting, passionate relationship and partner?


You don’t have to go one more day in this life without experiencing the great love, intimacy and relationship you deserve.

Life is too short to feel trapped or bored.

I can help facilitate your transformation! I can help you:

  • Ignite and circulate your sexual, life force energy
  • Heal blocks around love and intimacy
  • Address subconscious childhood patterns and wounds
  • Embody your feminie receptive energy to become a magnet for your desires
  • Learn Tantric and Taoist practices to experience, give and receive delicious pleasure
  • Identify your desires and ask for them, and give consent
  • Develop communication techniques to improve connection
  • Practice intimacy activation skills and touch
  • Feel more confident

You are brave and strong to put yourself first like this. Living an ecstatic, blissful life filled of passion, purpose and pleasure is your birthright.

  • Challenges with love, sex and intimacy is the root of all illness and pain.
  • When we address these problems openly and with vulnerability we can feel happy, healthy and healed.
  • We all desire connection. It is part of the human condition.
  • The quality of our relationships affect the quality of our lives (Ester Perel) so it is vital that we invest in our relationships.
  • This is my life purpose, passion and pleasure to help and support you in this way.
  • I believe in women supporting women.
  • I have used all these transformational techniques myself and experienced amazing results. Let me share the secret with you!

Imagine your perfect partner, relationship and the best version of you possible.

You can experience deep love, intimacy and connection in your relationship and life. I want you to experience the true joy of feminine embodiment, feeling calm and feeling passion. Feel Stellar!

Please contact Niomi: [email protected] to book your complimentary 30 minute call.


Due to the confidential nature of relationship coaching some clients have asked to remain anonymous.

Niomi is the perfect blend of compassion and gentle instruction.  I worked with Niomi after a devastating breakup, and I was feeling stuck trying to get my mojo back and feel myself again. The results were amazing – I was able to frame my future love life in a way that was gentle, operated in abundance, and worked with the Law of Attraction.  Since the session, I’ve been more open to meeting men, felt more like myself, and most of all got the hope back that my Prince Charming was out there. And what do you know – I met up with someone I’ve had a crush on for forever, and he admitted he has had feelings like I have now for the past 11 years! My heart is my head would not have been ready if it were not for Niomi.  I highly recommend her!!! Abbie, Los Angeles.

Niomi has such an open, radical honest approach. She doesn’t waste anytime and addresses the issue quickly. She has so much knowledge in this area about pleasure and the female body as well as psychology. We talked so honestly about sex and intimacy. I had never opened up to another person this way. Now she showed me how to do it. This is what I expect in my relationships. I loved this refreshing, direct manner. Thank you!

I have a history of going for the wrong partners and have childhood issues that have affected my intimate relationships. Niomi is such a passionate person. She really wanted to help me. I never realised my patterns or damaging habits and wouldn’t have ever known where to start changing my behaviour if it hadn’t been for her. Now I know what I want! I am so positive and excited about my future! Emma, UK.

Niomi is not afraid to be vulnerable and share her own experiences, mistakes (or lessons) in relationships and what she has learned. I understood this from reading her blog and watching her Youtube videos before I made contact. This helped me trust her and open up. I felt she gave me space to be vulnerable too. I had never felt that before. I felt very accepted and safe with her. She always encouraged me and showed me how to love and accept myself. The relationship with myself is now the foundation for all my other relationships.

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