• I am a certified massage therapist.

Take a look at the different massage treatments I offer and contact me to book an appointment.

Any cancellations less than 24 hours before your appointment time or a no-show will be charged at  full price.


Swedish massage is famous all over the world. You will experience a massage treatment adapted for your specific needs. Swedish massage can increase your energy levels and reduce stress. Regular massage can improve your general wellbeing.

Hot Stone Massage

A deeply relaxing spa treatment. I use hot lava stones which help dissolve tension and reduce stress.


Prenatal massage suits women who are pregnant from week 12. This treatment prevents tension in the back and neck, swollen feet and legs and it will also make you feel relaxed, which is good for both you and the baby.


Relaxing soft-touch full body massage using warm essential oils. This is an effective treatment for stress and anxiety relief and reduction.


Cupping therapy is a method where vacuum is created in order to increase blood circulation in the skin and connective tissue. Cupping therapy promotes increased well-being and increased energy levels. It is used in eg. muscle tension, tendonitis inflammation, poor blood circulation and it is also an effective treatment to reduce cellulite.

other treatments

I also offer treatments such as:

  • Face, neck and head massage.
  • Head, hand, foot reflexology massage.
  • Energy healing + harmony massage.
  • Chakra balancing + harmony massage.


Swedish massage benefits:  relieves muscular tension, soreness, swelling, muscular nodes and is used as a general relaxing and softening treatment. 

30 minutes – 399 kr

45 minutes – 499 kr

60 minutes – 699 kr

The Swedish Package – 1699 kr (Valid 12 months)

4 x 45 minutes Swedish classic massage


A very gentle, relaxing and soothing full body massage using warm essential oils. This treatment relaxes both your muscles and your mind through increased blood circulation and release of oxytocin – the body’s own feel good-hormones. Spa massage is great for those who are pain sensitive or do not want a deep tissue massage.

90 minutes – 999 kr



Hot stone massage is based on oriental philosophy and was used in ancient China and India.  It promotes inner peace and balance, and gives you a sense of inner calm. It is a very relaxing treatment where hot lava stones are placed on your body.

60 minutes – 799 kr



Cupping therapy is a traditional treatment in which a vacuum is created with the help of suction cups. The suction cup, which slides over the skin with the help of oil, pulls the skin upwards and increases the circulation of blood, tissue fluid and lymph fluid. This tretment helps remove waste products in the connective tissue.

60 minutes – 799 kr



Prenatal massage increases the release of oxytocin into the body, the same hormone that is activated when you as a mother breastfeed your baby. This means that both you and your baby are positively affected by this treatment.

Available after week 12 of pregnancy and can be carried out lying on your side with cushions for support or seated on an ergonomic chair.


45 minutes – 499 kr




  • 40 minute face (with aloe vera), neck and head massage – 499 kr
  • 40 minute head, hand, foot reflexology massage – 499 kr
  • 30 minute heart transmission energy healing + harmony massage – 399 kr
  • 30 minute chakra balancing + harmony massage – 399 kr
  • 40 minute face, head and neck massage for pregnant and new mums – 399 kr
  • 60 minute stretch programme – 399 kr

Luxury package – 2199 kr (Valid 12 months)

  • 60 minute hot stone massage
  • 60 minute spa massage
  • 60 minute Swedish massage
  • 40 minute face, neck and head massage


Kramfors, Sweden


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