how to use energy in constructive way

What Is Sexual Energy?

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As women, we have an unlimited source of sexual energy, life force, prana, chi which we can activate, cultivate, circulate and sublimate.

Breathwork, bodywork, brainwork and movement help in this process to address mind, body, soul especially the energetic body. This is what makes us feel alive! This same energy which can create a baby can be used by women to create anything they want. You can create your dreams using your energy in a constructive, conscious way.


Why Is It Important For Women?

how to use energy in a conscious way

Women are usually better at giving than receiving. Or it feels easier, more comfortable to an extent. It is certainly what is expected of women. Especially mothers.

Women also often give their precious energy away creating and continuing destructive patterns. 

In sexuality, this manifests as being attracted to sexual experiences without much love and nourishment.

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Sometimes we crave this feeling of being wanted, desired or needed. This can be a sign that we don’t feel worthy of being desired.

Sometimes we want to experience the familiar. The familiar might be something that we’re used to, but it actually not that healthy.

Sometimes we want to experience an orgasm to release tension or other uncomfortable emotions. This is a sign that we want to escape.

We avoid making the most of the sexual experience. We avoid seeing it as a wonderful experience and container to grow, to develop ourselves.

This is an opportunity to really get intimate and develop a loving connection and relationship with ourselves. The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.

An honest, balanced relationship with yourself leads to an honest, balanced relationship with another person or other people.

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How To Get Started With Conscious Energy Movement

It is difficult to shift behavioural beliefs and patterns. It takes awareness, an intention and time.

We can cause a transformational state in our sexuality through tantric breathwork, tantra bodywork, qi gong, tantra yoga, ecstatic dance, a yoni egg practice and many other tantric practices for women.

We can consciously prepare our energetic bodies to receive a different, better type of energy. We can say thank you and goodbye to the old destructive energy, escapist energy or familiar energy we are used to receiving and giving.

A new, better, healthier, constructive, loving and nourishing experience is what we women deserve and need to create the lives we wish to live. This benefits all the people we love or meet.

A woman living in this state is radiant, strong, beautiful, powerful, energised, calm and open.

Sacred sexuality is nourishing for the whole mind, body and soul. The way to experience this fully is opening up on a deep level to unconditional love.

This way we can channel unconditional love like a river through the beautiful female body and this new vibration of love helps restructure old neural and behavioural patterns into new. This is the beauty and power of activating the energetic body.

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The Last Thing You Need To Know

From this soft, vulnerable, open space of unconditional love and willingness, worthiness, awareness…

We are ready to receive a nourishing, pure sexual love we can manifest and create and attract new, dream situations.  This can be a more loving sexual partner, more satisfying and nourishing orgasms, balanced emotions suited to us, or anything we wish: a baby, a business, a healthier body!

This returning to our natural state of openness and love activates our energetic body and allows us to remember our sexual energetic purpose, power and passion as women.

It is beautiful! It is love!

Thank you for reading!

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