Pain which persists for over six months is referred to as chronic pain. It takes a mental, physical, emotional and energetic toll on the person suffering.

Where the mind goes, energy flows. If the intention is an expectation of pain, that type of energy will unfortunately follow.

Many people suffering from chronic pain describe or talk about their pain in a way that increases the stress response mechanism in their body. They talk about it a lot. They think about it a lot.

This constant thinking, talking and focusing on the present pain or expected pain exacerbates this painful experience.

The fear of the pain creates more pain and a vicious cycle continues.

It can be very difficult to see a person experience chronic pain and challenging to know how best to support those that we love.

We can help and support people suffering from chronic pain by encouraging them to consider a new approach. One where they are not a victim. They are an empowered individual who can choose to take responsibility and action.

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We can gently and with compassion suggest using different language, more empowering speech and positive affirmations to create new thought patterns, beliefs and better results.

Positive affirmations

  • I am open.
  • I am open to embracing this pain.
  • I am open to releasing my past.
  • I am open to forgiving this pain.
  • I am open to forgiving my past.
  • I am open to forgiving myself.
  • I am open to releasing my attachment to this pain.
  • I am open to releasing my identity around this pain.
  • The pain is no longer mine. It does not belong to me.
  • I let it go now.

These examples of affirmations combined with a loving, accepting mindful attitude can create and hold space for more positive energy flow.

Breathwork over time can help open up a person.

Deep belly breathing can help release years of unprocessed memories, deep-rooted pain as well as emotions such as anger, resentment and sadness from the past.


Chronic Pain

Chronic pain changes the brain. There is abnormal activity in the receptors in the somatosensory cortex of the brain when a person is suffering from chronic pain.

Chronic pain is increased and magnified by focusing on it.

Past remembered pain + present painful experiences + anticipated future painful experiences.

The fear of expected pain coming increases the pain perceived. FEAR activates the chemical stress response in the body for a prolonged time period.

Using visualisation meditation and the power of the mind, a person suffering from chronic pain can create a shift in his sensory system.  Quietening the sensory system is key.

Deep conscious breathing and breathwork can also help send oxygen and awareness to the location of the pain. An example of this is the use of deep breathing in hypnobirthing techniques to surf contractions.

You can send love to the pain as a visualisation of pink or green healing light.

Here is a step by step process:

  1. You suffer from chronic pain in your neck for example.
  2. Take deep breaths, slow belly breaths.
  3. Close your eyes.
  4. Visualise and give the pain a colour like black.
  5. Give it a shape like a black circle.
  6. Give is a size like a football-sized black circle.
  7. Visualise this circle slowly becoming smaller.
  8. Visualise the circle changing colour into something brighter like yellow.
  9. Visualise the circle as hot and now it slowly becomes cool.
  10. Visualise the circle as bumpy and now it slowly becomes smooth.
  11. Ask your pain a question. What message do you have for me?
  12. What does he say? You can say it out loud. Or sigh or shout.
  13. Visualise a volume dial button.
  14. Visualise turning that sound down to mute.


Chronic Pain is a mindset.

Chronic Pain is due to thoughts, beliefs and emotions we experience about chronic pain.

Deep-seated, unhappy or traumatic memories sit inside our muscles and fascia over time. We hold onto a lot in our deep fascia.

By holding onto and clinging onto toxic emotions like fear, shame, guilt, anger, rage, bitterness, resentment or worry over time this builds up and manifests as the experience of chronic pain.

If you believe in an unfriendly or unkind God or Universe who is punishing you with chronic pain and traumatic experiences in your life your chronic pain can increase.

Controlling pain with grit or painkillers is not a long term solution. Chronic pain needs to be embraced and accepted then processed, released and transmuted.

  • You have the power inside you to heal yourself.
  • You can welcome and accept the pain.
  • You can feel gratitude and forgive your pain.
  • Your pain has a message for you.
  • You can slow down, sit still in silence and listen to what your body is trying to communicate to you.
  • Your buried, trapped emotions, subconscious stresses and traumas are often the root cause of chronic pain.
  • You need time, space and attention to address and process these emotions and these experiences.
  • You are not just a human physical body suffering from chronic pain.
  • You are a physical, emotional, energetic body.

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You can change how you feel and change your beliefs around pain and create a chain in how you experience the pain. This is the CBT model. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Meditation using visualisation, mindfulness and breathwork can help you embrace chronic pain and minimise it.

You can facilitate healing using a holistic approach of mind, body and soul with meditative states, sound healing, visualisations and mindful acceptance of your pain. Instead of ignoring it or managing it or controlling it.

Allow someone to help and support you by holding space for you. Witness your pain and the root cause.

Loving-kindness meditation and deep breathing, as well as positive affirmations and healing energy bodywork, can help you release chronic pain.

Many treatments such a massage, craniosacral therapy, acupuncture as well as reiki can help with chronic pain symptoms.

Deep healing, however, comes from within the individual. You can choose to set an intention and let it go.

Thank you for reading!

With love and compassion for anyone who suffers from chronic pain.

Do you suffer from chronic pain? Email me, Niomi: [email protected]

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