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The Secret To Embracing Chronic Pain

  WHAT IS CHRONIC PAIN? Pain which persists for over six months is refered to as chronic pain. It takes a mental, physical, emotional and energtic toll on the person suffering.  Where the mind goes, energy flows. If the intention is an expectation of pain, that...

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7 Life Lessons I Learned From My Dad

What are your childhood memories of your dad? How was your relationship with your dad? My dad was number 9 out of 13 kids! He went 16 years thinking his name was Prince. That was just his nickname. He found out when he wrote Prince down on his exam papers. We had a...

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8 Crucial Tips When Taking Supplements

  We all know the huge choice of supplements on the market today. It feels like new supplements are launched everyday promising to improve your health, help you return to youth or give you larger muscles and more energy! The idea of taking a pill and feeling...

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9 Mindfulness Tips For Busy Mothers You Need To Know

    WHAT IS MINDFULNESS Mindfulness is a practice, a skill, a technique, a state of mind and a way of living in order to fully consciously experience, embrace and accept the present NOW with awareness. Instead of getting depressed, angry or regretful about...

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These 10 Archangels Want To Help You. Just Ask!

WHY IS ASKING FOR HELP IMPORTANT? Angels are all around you. They want to give you love and support. They just need your permission. If you ever feel alone, misunderstood, scared, worried or vulnerable you could consider asking them to help you with a specific issue....

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Vad är Mammayoga? Vad är Gravidmassage?

  MAMMAYOGA OCH MASSAGE Stellar Wellness erbjuder massage, yoga, mindfulness och terapi. Kvinnor och mammor står i fokus i mitt företag då jag är själv 4-barnsmamma och väldigt gärna vill hjälpa boende i Kramfors med omnejd. Jag har startat centrala Kramfors...

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11 Reasons You Need To Get A Massage

Most people know that massage is good for the body. Some people understand that it can help with relaxation and stress so it's good for the mind too. Anything that's good for the mind and body is great for the soul too. Massage is good for your mind, body and soul....

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Varför Ska Man Unna Sig Massage?

Varför ska man unna sig massage?  Jag går själv regelbundet på massagebehandling för avslappning och välmående. Massage är en behandlingsmetod som är helt utan biverkningar. Kroppen kan dock kännas öm dagarna efter då massagen blir som ett träningspass för musklerna....

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What Is A Yoni Egg?

The Yoni egg. A women's anti-aging secret to youth and vitality? This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to click and make a purchase I will receive a small amount at no extra charge to you. Thank you. What is a yoni? Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina and...

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What To Expect From Women’s Relationship Coaching

Do you struggle to communicate effectively with your lover? Each conversation becomes a fight. Shouting, conflict, frustration, tears. Do you long for deeper connection and greater intimacy? Not just holding hands, but meaningful sharing and greater love. Do you crave...

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Vad Är KBT. Vad Är Kognitiv Beteendeterapi?

  Kognitiv betyder tänkande och tankesätt. Kognitiv terapi arbetar med att förändra negativa tankemönster. Man ersätter dem med andra tankemönster som är mer hälsobefrämjande. Beteendeterpi arbetar med att förändra negativa tankemönster och negativa känslor genom...

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Yoga Philosophy For Beginners

WHAT IS YOGA Yoga is huge right now! Everyone has a yoga mat. Yoga pants, yoga leggings are a massive consumer industry. The wellness industry has yoga as it's poster girl. Closely followed by vegans! Yoga is a modern day phenomenon and it's amazing that so many...

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