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Top 20 Kid’s Books For Mindfulness

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? Practicing mindfulness improves attention, increases calm feelings and encourages a happy mood, reduces stress and helps you feel compassion and empathy easily. These are great skills to teach and share with children. Children can struggle with...

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10 Simple Essentials For Your Meditation Space

WHY IS MEDITATION IMPORTANT? Meditation can transform your life! Meditation seems like the latest trend and many people feel it's only for the yogis, zen monks, religious people or those who are very stressed. The truth is meditation can benefit everyone and it...

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How To Build A Home Gym On A Budget

Do you love going to the gym? Do you struggle to find the time? Do you experience resistance and find excuses not to go to the gym? Why is regular exercise important? Exercise is important and regular exercise has a positive impact on your health, mind, body and soul....

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This Is The Most Important Thing To Do When You Break Up

  Are you going through a painful break up right now? Have you had your heart broken in the past? Do you still remember the pain, sadness, feelings of loss and disappointment and all the RAGE? Yes, yes, oh yes.  I fall in love really quickly, really deeply and...

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The Secret To Manifesting and Creating Anything You Want

How to be successful with Manifestation It's complicated and it's easy at the same time. We have to get out of our own way. That is the secret to manifesting and creating anything you want. I was struggling with something I wanted to manifest and create in my life. I...

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How To Reduce IBS And Bloating In Women

  Do you feel uncomfortable after eating or drinking? Do you feel anxious around mealtimes? Do you feel stressed or down when you have to think about or prepare food? These are all very common if you suffer from bloating and abdominal discomfort. Bloating is...

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11 Vital Reasons To Enjoy Daily Family Mealtimes

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? When was the last time you sat down for a meal with your family? Was it last night, last week or last month? Do you eat regularly as a family? Do you sit around a table at the same time? For many families, eating together around the dinner table...

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7 Important Dietary Changes To Improve Sleep

How did you sleep? Did you sleep well? Inadequate sleep can affect every aspect of your health.  Mental, physical and emotional health are linked to sleep. Mind, body and soul need that rest to function well during the day. How much sleep do you need? The amount of...

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