We all know the benefits of touch and massage.

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Breast massage can be approached as a mindfulness practice with touch. In this post, I refer mainly to self-massage.


This can, of course, be practised with a partner and it is beneficial to develop your relationship with yourself and your own body first. Then with your partner.


I’ve always had a very good relationship with my breasts. I was very happy with them and never felt any shame or self-consciousness, especially compared to my friends. I have always felt very present in my own body and my breasts have always been sensitive to touch.

After four babies though I started to become aware of how they had become smaller and less full. I didn’t compare them to other women’s breasts rather I mourned the loss of my own previous, beautiful boobs from my twenties!


I even tattooed them in an attempt to change my view of them. It worked. To me, they did look better with a beautiful tattoo on each breast. However, I knew that how they looked to me was not as important as how my breasts made me feel.


I started to massage my breasts daily with coconut oil and consciously used cognitive behavioural therapy techniques of mindfulness, self-love and visualization and with time I changed my own attitude towards my breasts, as well as their appearance.


They became larger, fuller and I remembered the importance of self-love. As a bonus, they felt even more sensitive and experienced greater pleasure.


I also used similar techniques towards other parts of my body that I felt I had experienced a different relationship towards since having babies, for example, my stomach. This worked too. Self-love and acceptance are how I view my body now.

Breasts are often seen as objects of desire or a means of feeding babies. They can also be seen as an extension of the heart as well as a source of comfort and pleasure.

Why Is Breast Massage Important?

  1. Breast massage promotes circulation
  2. It is a form of self-love
  3. Breast massage is beneficial for mental health
  4. It increases their size and shape
  5. It helps drain the lymph system removing toxins
  6. Physical awareness and early detection of breast cancer will be increased.
  7. Help decrease breast pain while breastfeeding and increase the quality and flow of milk
  8. It balances hormones and releases oxytocin to feel good

How To Massage Your Breasts


You can massage your breasts yourself and encourage and show your partner to massage your breasts in the way that suits you.

You can encourage your friends to massage their breasts helping them care for their breasts and their health.

Our breasts are symbols of femininity, sex and nurturing.

The first step is to address your attitude to your breasts. Look at them in the mirror and become aware of how you feel.

What thoughts arise?

Place your hands on your breasts and send them some love and gratitude. Perhaps they have fed babies? Maybe you have had an operation? Touch them gently and feel the warmth from your hands.

You can use coconut oil for self-massage.

Move your hands slowly up and in a circular, clockwise motion.

Use a pressure that feels comfortable for you.

There is no goal here. It is an exploration, a journey to connect and discover your breasts.

In time you will increase and nurture a connection and relationship with your breasts.

Your breasts may be sensitive or there may be no feeling at all.

With attention and practice, they can be taught to experience pleasure and you will increase connection to this part of your body.

This is the same for all parts of your body if you currently experience a sense of disconnection from sensation and pleasure in your body.


Breast massage

Reasons For Lack Of Sensation In Your Breasts

  • Self-consciousness due to pressures from the media (symmetrical perfect breasts are the norm)
  • Cultural shame (nipples must be hidden or it’s weird to touch your breasts)
  • Tight, push up or underwired bras which cut off the flow
  • Breastfeeding and motherhood (physical changes to breasts)
  • Lack of self-awareness, self-massage (disconnection from your body)

Breast stimulation increases sensual and sexual pleasure. The areas in the brain that light up during genital stimulation or kissing also receive input during breast stimulation. Oxytocin, the feel-good hormone is released.

How you feel inside is more important than how your breasts look to you or to your partner.

Top Benefits Of Breast Massage

  • Activate your breasts
  • More pleasure
  • Increased libido
  • Emotionally calm
  • Full breasts
  • Increased self-awareness, self-love and confidence

The Last Thing You Need To Know About Breast Massage


Breast massage provides many of the benefits of regular massage. It is so effective for increasing sensitivity, connection and pleasure in this part of the body.

Breast massage also improves your relationship with yourself and your own body.  It feels empowering to be in charge of your own body, your own pleasure.

When practised with a partner breast massage is a great tool to increase intimacy, trust, connection and pleasure in your relationship.

I believe as women we don’t pay enough attention to our breasts. By using breast massage as a regular practice you can experience greater levels of self-love and compassion.

Breast massage can help you bloom!

Thank you for reading! Please share if you feel it will help another woman.

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