Achieving peace & happiness is a daily practice

Do you spend a lot of time wondering why you’re here? Do you want to achieve inner peace and happiness?

Are you waiting until a specific time in your life, maybe once you’ve done that thing or bought that other thing, and then you’ll finally be happy? Peace and happiness is something I want too. I want to experience inner peace and feel happy every day. I don’t want to wait till I’m 40, or 50 or once my kids have moved out.

I don’t want to wait till I’m retired.

I want it now.

I grew up with a high achieving mother who was very much goal orientated. She was never satisfied.

She was always planning the next big holiday, buying the new car, looking at bigger houses, going after the next promotion.

She was self-employed and always chasing more work hours and better projects. She was obsessed with money. Saving it all, then spending it all in a wild and out of control dance.

I felt like she was rushing our childhood as well. Hurrying us along to grow up faster. She wanted the people around her to be bigger and better too.

She was desperate for more time and energy to chase her peace and happiness.

She was searching for peace and happiness. She was looking in all the wrong places.

Like most children, I observed my mother. I saw that what she was doing wasn’t working well for her, and I made a decision to not do that.

I completely shunned all of her ideas. I never bought a car, I had no desire for a big house, and I certainly didn’t worry about promotions or impressing people!

I was always planning the next holiday though! I live in Sweden. We don’t get much sun, and there are no palm trees here! Travel is essential for me.

My journey to discover inner peace and happiness

My mother had taught me the important lesson of what didn’t work to achieve inner peace and happiness for her, but she hadn’t taught me what did work.


I was stumbling around in the dark for a long time. I spent my 20’s and early 30’s on my own messy journey to discover inner peace and happiness.

Where would I find it?











Living abroad?



Starting a business?

Achieving peace & happiness is a daily practice (1)

Somewhere between travelling, living abroad, falling in love, getting married, having 4 kids in as many years and starting a business, I started to understand that for me, a huge part of experiencing my inner peace and happiness was letting go of my expectations of the future.

I tried to relax and surrender

I started to relax and surrender. It felt liberating to embrace the unknown. It was OK to not have a 10-year plan. I decided to trust and have faith that everything would be fine,

I began to experience each day as a new, blank page. A new start. A daily practice to experience my own inner peace and happiness. Everyday.

I started to understand that for me, inner peace and happiness was not something to chase after externally. It was inside me.

All I had to do was make space and time to sit alone, quietly with myself. Everyday.

Inspiration always came to me in this beautiful space of silence like secret whispers from my soul.

I filled my days with wonderful clients who I loved to help and support.

Work that didn’t feel like work. A business that nourished me.

I experienced more passion, purpose and felt more powerful. Everyday.

I spent time learning new skills that called out to me. I enjoyed that amazing feeling of my soul growing and developing. I read books. Everyday.

I started to remember and believe that I deserved to feel inner and peace and happiness. Everyday.

This increased sense of self-love and self-worth led to greater self-confidence. Everyday.

I decided I deserved to make time for people, places and activities that made me feel alive, joyful and energised. Not just on the weekend, but every day.

Yoga, meditation, massage, journaling, cuddles with my children, walks by the lake or in the forest, sex. Everyday.

I let go of the idea that my inner peace and happiness was dependent on a future event, or a future object, or a person.

I have to let go of that toxic idea every day. Some days it’s more challenging. I have to be patient with myself and remember to practise.

It’s a daily practice.

Thanks for reading!

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