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Terrible Reasons You Don't Practice Yoga Yet

Why Is Yoga Important?

Yoga is a form of mindfulness. It is meditation in movement. Yoga is super fun too!

When I’m on the mat I slow down and land in my body. I start to become very aware of my body, every physical sensation. After a few minutes in a pose or a flow sequence, I start to become very aware of my body, the emotions and feelings that I may not have held space for a while.

Most importantly this self-awareness is highly relaxing and energising at the same time. Mental chatter slows down or becomes non-existent for that beautiful time on the mat.

Yoga is a practice where I can return home to my soul. A haven, a refuge and a wonderful time for self-reflection.


Terrible Reasons You Don't Practice Yoga Yet

I was first introduced to yoga by my mother who led a busy life as a doctor and turned to yoga for stress relief and relaxation. I loved having something that was just for us. That sense of connection!

Kids naturally find the yoga poses themselves interesting and fun to try. I always appreciated the sense of self-awareness and body consciousness that comes with a regular yoga practice.

Through my teens and adult life, the length of my daily yoga practice peaked up and down. I noticed that the periods where I left yoga behind for some time were the more challenging times in my life.

Yoga helped me manage life’s ups and downs and reminded me of the importance of a strong connection to myself, my heart, my soul.

Yoga has helped me physically keep strong and flexible to run after 4 kids and maintain a limitless source of energy!

My relationship with my body has improved through yoga. Four pregnancies, the period after each birth and accepting my postnatal mama body has been so much easier, fun and a kinder journey because of yoga. I wrote about how busy mothers can fit in yoga and mindfulness here.

This form of mindfulness and self-love is so important for women and mums especially. In 10 Simple Essentials For Your Meditation Space, I provide simple tips to encourage you.

65 reasons you don't practice yoga

What Is Yoga?

Yoga means union and I interpret this as a union of my mind, body and soul. I feel connected to my heart and my desires and as a result, I feel connected to everyone else. I feel at peace.

Yoga is just stretching or another form of exercise to many, and a trendy hobby to others.

For me, yoga is a way of life on and off the mat. Through a regular yoga practice, I can bring that self-awareness to my life at any point, my turning towards my breath and getting in tune with my energetic body. Click here are for a few easy tips to help you maintain a regular yoga practice and reduce stress.

The yoga poses,(asana) is the most modern part of the yoga practice. Yoga is, in fact, a practice that originated in India more than 5000 years ago, with the focus then being on meditation, yoga philosophy and other similar disciplines. In my article Yoga Philosophy For Beginners, I explain this more clearly.

reasons you don't practice yoga



  1. You’re not spiritual and yoga is just for those zen people
  2. You don’t want to fart
  3. You don’t know the lingo: mantra, third eye, OM
  4. Yoga studios are intimidating
  5. Yoga is just another trend that you will try and fail at
  6. You don’t want to ’ overstretch’
  7. You’re not skinny or super flexible
  8. You hate incense
  9. You don’t know all the types of yoga…Hatha? Hot? Partner?
  10. You’re pregnant and can’t walk downstairs let alone do downward dog
  11. There are too many yoga mats to choose from
  12. Sun salutations look terrifying
  13. You can’t decide which yoga leggings to buy and they are too expensive anyway
  14. You know you will start laughing if the teacher starts chanting
  15. Inhale, exhale instructions seem very difficult. You hate breathing
  16. You’re scared of trying handstands, wheel pose and ’inversions’
  17. Yoga classes are expensive
  18. You can’t sit on the floor let alone lotus position
  19. Everyone else will be ’better at yoga’ than you
  20. You hate yoga music
  21. You’re a quiet person. Yogis make lots of random noises in poses
  22. Yoga sounds nice, but meditation is too extreme
  23. Yoga sounds fun, but you don’t want to hear about Ganesha or Hanuman
  24. Yoga is just stretching so you can do that before you go for a run
  25. You can’t afford all the nice yoga crystal jewellery and mala beads
  26. Yoga is just for girls
  27. Yoga leads to other things like green juices and colonic treatments
  28. You have no time for yoga
  29. You’re too tired for yoga
  30. Yoga is not really a sport
  31. You might cry
  32. You might laugh
  33. Yoga is for vegetarians and vegans
  34. Yoga will lead to other things like a lotus flower tattoo
  35. You’ll get addicted to yoga
  36. You’ll start taking your yoga mat with you everywhere
  37. You’ll start doing yoga in public
  38. Your kids or husband will start doing yoga and they will be better than you
  39. Yoga leads to other things like tantric sex
  40. Yoga will take over your house. Yoga mat, meditation cushion, incense sticks, candles, straps, blocks
  41. You don’t know how to speak Sanskrit
  42. You don’t want to start talking like a zen yogi
  43. You’ll have to find new friends because you’re a yogi now
  44. You’re competitive and you will always compare yourself to the other yogis
  45. You know you don’t like breathwork/pranayama because it’s hard
  46. Yoga might lead to other things like doing a yoga teacher training in Bali to discover yourself
  47. Yoga is pointless. Does it burn any calories?
  48. Yoga will lead to other things like only wearing yoga leggings
  49. You’ll start saying Namaste
  50. You might find your yoga teacher a bit too attractive
  51. You’re too old for yoga
  52. You know your chakras are unbalanced, but don’t know what that means
  53. Yoga leads to other things like going to India to meet the original yogis
  54. Your holidays will become yoga retreats
  55. Yoga leads to other things like mindfulness. That’s another hard thing to do, isn’t it?
  56. Yoga leads to other things like an open heart. That sounds terrifying.
  57. The yoga teacher might speak to you in front of the class
  58. The yoga teacher might come an ’adjust’ you
  59. You’ll fall asleep in savasana
  60. You’ll laugh in savasana
  61. You’re not sure what savasana is, but it’s the only pose you can say
  62. You don’t know any of the names of the poses
  63. You don’t know what an asana is
  64. Yoga is just boring
  65. You don’t have time for yoga

Terrible Reasons You Don't Practice Yoga Yet

How To Get Started

  • Decide what type of yoga is best for you. Vinyasa, yin yoga, kundalini yoga….
  • Set an intention to try it for 30 days
  • Find a teacher
  • Find a class near you
  • Sign up for online classes
  • Get a yoga mat, borrow one or buy one!
  • Don’t worry about what you look or sounds like!
  • Don’t compare yourself to others, just compare yourself to the former you!

good vibes


The Last Thing You Need To Know

My biggest tip is to choose, learn and practice a specific 20-minute yoga sequence and master that. You will gain confidence and then you can evaluate how you feel. I offer online 1:1 yoga classes for beginners, please contact me, Niomi: [email protected]

Breath awareness is a priority with the aim being to activate, circulate and sublimate energy and emotion around your body through yoga asana. You can learn more about the secret art of working with energy here.

You don’t need to focus on yoga leggings, but you do need to focus on your breath. If you would like to learn how I wrote the following article here.

Yoga, like all new challenges, can be scary and bring up uncomfortable feelings. Be kind to yourself! I promise you, a regular yoga practice will change your life! For more tips about how to start a daily yoga practice please click here.

Good luck yogi! You can do it!

Thanks for reading!

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