Ways to feel happy

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Why Is It Important To Feel Happy?


Many people are stressed. Angry. Annoyed. Irritated. Upset. Sad. Lonely. Scared. Worried. Anxious. Depressed or just feeling flat. Bored. Tired. Lethargic. Hopeless.  All the time.  Some people prefer feeling nothing at all.

And many people accept this as normal. Or worse, inevitable.

Is this you? Do you feel low more often than you feel high? Do you spend 5 days a week this way and live for the weekend?

Ways to feel happy

How Can You Feel Happy Quickly and Easily?


Mindfulness can change how you experience your days, and these days add up to your life.

Change your day, change your life.

Through my daily practice of mindfulness and meditation, as well as my background in positive psychology and cognitive behavioural therapy, I value the importance of feeling good.

I prioritise my well being, my good mood and make time for the activities and people that help me get there and stay in that beautiful zone.  It is non-negotiable for me and I really notice the effects if I don’t do this.


There is a Swedish saying which goes roughly translated something like this:

’Being happy is overrated. It’s enough to just not feel sad’.


I strongly disagree!


I know that you can train your mind to find the positive in every moment.


Not just appreciating the positive instead of focusing on all the problems, but you can find pleasure and passion in every moment! It just takes a shift in perspective, mindset and a bit of practice!


I appreciate the importance of feeling all your feelings. The darker, more difficult feelings are valid and need space too.  I embrace them all. Do you?


However, once I have held space for them in my meditations and identified the message these feelings have for my mind, body and soul. I thank them, shake them off, dance, sing or write them out.  There are lots of ways to turn a frown upside down (an annoying phrase that my kids love!) and it’s vital that you find the best way for you!


I hope you find something on the list below!




  1. Go through your drawers and discover some random treasures.
  2. Kiss someone you love.
  3. Give yourself a hug and stroke your arms. Massage is great!
  4. Reinvent yourself today by wearing something different, earrings, a hat, a scarf…
  5. What new skill have you always wanted to learn? Take 1 step towards it today.
  6. What did you love to do as a child? Try it today!
  7. Close your eyes, hand on your heart, ask and trust your intuition: what do I need to do now?
  8. Say a positive affirmation. ’I am calm and confident.’
  9. Take yourself back to a memory when you first fell in love. Feel those feelings.
  10. Do the same, but for a really funny memory. Feel those laughs.
  11. Enjoy a guilty pleasure! Reward yourself!
  12. Identify a person or situation that is bringing you down. Take 1 step to remove it.
  13. Get cosy and have a nap.
  14. Have a shower and imagine all your worries, stresses, anger or sadness washing down the drain!
  15. Make yourself a warm drink and enjoy the heat on your hands.
  16. Plant some seeds, water them and watch them grow. You are like those seeds too! Or buy flowers.
  17. Imagine a difficult or stressful situation turning out perfectly.
  18. Go for a walk outside swinging your arms wildly!
  19. Go for a walk with a friend!
  20. Share a meal with someone you love. Soup is quick!
  21. Eat some icecream!
  22. Just before you fall asleep go through the events of the day and feel gratitude
  23. Put on some music and dance and sing really loudly and wildly
  24. Look out the window or go out and watch the clouds, catch the sunset, or sunbathe.
  25. Put on your nicest dress and shoes and spend the day around the house doing nothing! Yellow is a happy colour!
  26. Go out for lunch on your own and treat yourself!
  27. Take a long bath and enjoy the luxury! Or go for a swim, preferably in a lake or ocean!
  28. Go outside barefoot on the grass and listen to the trees.
  29. Hug a tree and feel one with her!
  30. Make a list of tasks you have to do and do 1 thing now.
  31. Ring a friend. Send her a message first to warn her! Or ring a therapist! You’re not alone.
  32. Count 5 things you can see that you are grateful for or that make you happy.
  33. Look in the mirror and smile.
  34. Write I am enough on the mirror!
  35. Leave a note for someone saying that you appreciate them.
  36. Throw out some old clutter. Just tackle 1 shelf or 1 room.
  37. Clean the toilet or bathroom. You will feel some sense of accomplishment!
  38. Make fun plans for the weekend!
  39. Buy someone you love a present. Watch their reaction when you give it to them.
  40. Think of someone who you are angry or annoyed with and tell them ’I forgive you anyway!’ (in your head)
  41. Play with your pet or stroke him. Or look at cute photos of kittens online!
  42. Stand tall. Qi gong and yoga help with posture.
  43. Write down how you feel and all the worries, stresses, anger and sadness…let it flow!
  44. Help your neighbour or friend with something.
  45. Donate 5 pounds (50kr) to a charity you support (or more!)
  46. Read a book or a poem. I love Rumi!
  47. Look at some old photos from your last holiday. Get inspired to plan another holiday!
  48. Watch your kids or your nieces play. Join in their games.
  49. Do something that makes you sweat. Exercise or a sauna!
  50. Don’t hesitate, meditate. Slow down, spend time with your soul and let your breath calm and comfort you.


The Last Thing You Need To Know


I hope this list inspires you in some way. It is so easy to just go down a spiral of negativity and even enjoy feeling angry or sad sometimes. It can easily become your default setting and before you know it, you’ve developed a habit of being easily irritated, lethargic and negative for a whole Winter!


I believe an active, responsible attitude, change your thoughts, change your day and ultimately change your life. This has such a powerful and positive effect on the people in our lives as well. We can help the people we love too!


Thank you for reading!


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