Self Care And Self Love

Why Is Self-Care And Self-Love Important?

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We often prioritise others, family and our work. We forget about ourselves and put ourselves last on the list. This can affect our long term health. Stress is a common symptom, a bi-product of lack of self-care and self-love.

As a mum of four, I went through a phase of putting myself last on the list. Sometimes I wasn’t even on the list. This was my own responsibility. I made that unconscious choice. In fact, I thought that was what all mums did. Especially a mum with four small children.

I stopped making time for the things I loved to do. Maybe on some level, I felt I didn’t deserve that time. I certainly told myself the lie that I didn’t have time.

What Is Self-Care And Self-Love?

Self-care is a wellness practice that is extremely effective. It is setting time aside for yourself.

Self-love is appreciating and showing love towards yourself and letting go of any negative feelings or thoughts towards yourself. This is a deep practice of inner work and inner growth.

40 Amazing Ideas For Self-Care And Self-Love

1. Drink a glass of red wine mindfully. How does it smell, taste, notice the colour? (non-alcoholic works too!)
2. Read a good book of poetry on the sofa. I love Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey.
3. Read an old diary or journal and reflect on your journey.
4. Drink a huge cup of hot chocolate made from cacao mindfully. How does it smell, taste, notice the colour?
5. Get creative. Make a vision board using magazines or old postcards of places you want to go.
6. Give yourself a massage. Stroke your hair, touch your face.
7. Sit under a cosy blanket and look out the window at the trees, clouds, bird.
8. Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful and worthy of love.
9. Write a love letter to yourself. All the things that are amazing about you!
10. Have a cinema night just for you with popcorn and your favourite film.
11. Play music really loudly and dance in your most sensual way. Lots of hip rolls and sways.
12. Have a really long ’spa’ bath with Epsom salts, essential oils, body scrubs, face mask and candles.
13. After the ’spa’, walk around the house in a soft dressing gown and drink water with lime.
14. Moisturise your whole body with coconut oil and your favourite essential oil and appreciate your beautiful body.
15. Write in your journal all your thoughts and feelings and end with a list of 10 things you are grateful for.
16. Paint. Just use your favourite colours and see what you create. Create for the fun of it and not for the end result.
17. Buy yourself beautiful flowers for yourself.
18. Light a scented candle each time you sit down to eat. A date with you.
19. Watch the sunset and soak in the beauty and romance of mother nature’s colours.
20. Make a super luxurious meditation corner with beautiful candles, textiles, plants and crystals and meditate.
21. Bake yourself a cake and eat it all!
22. Make a list of all the things you’ve experienced that you were disappointed with or regret and forgive yourself and burn it! Let it go!
23. Have a date with a friend. You know your upbeat, fun friend.
24. Lie down on an acupressure mat with an eye pillow for a mini time out!
25. Play your favourite love song that you know all the words to and sing it really well to yourself.
26. Plan an outing that is all about relaxing by yourself. An afternoon or evening by the sea or lake. Visualise the water recharging your soul.
27. Sit outside by a fire pit or your open log fire and watch the flames dance
28. Wriggle your toes in tall green grass and feel grateful that there is no snow!
29. Lie outside under the stars and make a wish. Stephen Hawkings beautifully said ’Don’t forget to look up.’
30. Visit a museum or art gallery for a cultured date with your beautiful self.
31. Buy yourself a sexy present. Lingerie or perfume perhaps?
32. Take some photos of yourself, ask a friend to or book a professional. Celebrate your beauty!
33. Have a funny mandate. Watch a comedy show online or book tickets. I love Michael McIntyre!
34. Be aware of how you feel. Write them down. Accept all your beautiful feelings.
35. Try a new activity that might be challenging. Maybe there is a pole dancing class near you?
36. Watch a really sad film. Cry freely without shame or embarrassment and notice how calm you feel afterwards.
37. Yoga. Love your mind, body and soul.
38. Volunteer or donate or help a charity. Help others and help yourself feel connected.
39. Join a club online or in your community that celebrates or explores something you are passionate about.
40. Be kind and patient with yourself always. Quieten any self-criticism or self-doubt with regular positive affirmations. You are amazing!


Self Care And Self Love

Self Care And Self Love

The Last Thing You Need To Know About Self-Care And Self-Love

Self-care and self-love are easily confused. Both are important.

It is easy to think that you don’t have time or even you don’t really deserve self-care or self-love. It doesn’t have to be expensive or take up a lot of time either. However, I believe it’s a great habit to reward yourself with treats and gifts too. Just like you wouldn’t think twice about giving a generous birthday present or buying a massage voucher for your best friend or husband, you deserve it too!

What is your favourite way to practice self-love or self-care?

Will you do something for yourself today? I’d love to know in the comments!

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