Most people know that massage is good for the body. Some people understand that it can help with relaxation and stress so it’s good for the mind too. Anything that’s good for the mind and body is great for the soul too.

Massage is good for your mind, body and soul. Everyone agrees.

I book a massage every month, and my husband (who has been trained by the same teacher as me) massages me every week. I’m a lucky human, but I also honour my mind, body and soul. I know she benefits from regular massage and I prioritise my self-care and self-love.


What stops you from getting a regular massage?

What stops you from looking after your own mind, body and soul this way?

Many people go to the gym. Other are careful about what they eat, but lots of people still think they should only book a massage in an emergency if they have an injury or neck pain.

Regular massage is a preventative treatment as well as a treatment of symptoms like muscle pain or stress and anxiety.

I show my clients how combining deep breathing and massage can accelerate relaxation of their mind, body and soul.



11 Benefits of regular massage:

  1. Relieves anxiety
  2. Relieves pain
  3. Improves blood circulation
  4. Reduces muscle tension
  5. Improves flexibility
  6. Relieves tension headaches
  7. Reduces stress
  8. Helps insomnia
  9. Releases oxytocin, the feel-good hormone
  10. Reduces depression
  11. Increases your immunity

I know the benefits of regular massage. I feel them in my mind, body and most importantly my soul. I believe there is a direct link between mental, emotional and physical discomfort and pain. Massage and mindfulness can help you with all of the above.

I lived in Penang for 6 months and received a massage every week, sometimes every day! It started a process in my mind, body and soul. I had never felt so calm, happy and energized every day despite meditating and practising yoga since I was a child. During my massage therapist training, I received daily massage over the course of a week. Every month for 14 months! I really felt a shift in my mind, body and soul. I had unlimited energy. Joy flooded every cell in my body like a river.

I believe women especially hold and carry and store a lot of stress in the fascia of their bodies. Massage can help release this tension and facilitate deep healing and relaxation as well as alleviate any muscle aches and pains.

Pregnant ladies, children and babies can all benefit from gentle massage at home. I offer prenatal massage for women in weeks 14-42. I have received massage during all 5 of my pregnancies. I recommend it!

The combination of massage and stretching is extremely effective. I like to help women feel empowered and encourage my clients to take responsibility for their bodies and wellbeing. In between massages they make a promise to me to stretch every day at home. I demonstrate stretch exercises and we practice together after a massage. Regular massage and stretch is a great preventative treatment for so many conditions.

It’s so inspiring to see women investing in their body and mind this way.

I massage many clients with neck and upper back pain. Women who look after small children often deal with chronic neck pain and other stress-related symptoms. Women who sit all day working in an office environment or looking at a computer screen all day often hold a lot of stress in the trapezius muscle. Regular massage and stretching are vital.

I get the following question very often.

‘How often can you get a massage?’

In Asia I noticed women getting a massage every day, on their lunch break or on the way home from work. I was so impressed and inspired. When I asked them about it they said it was as important as taking a shower or eating breakfast. Self-love and self-care. Your body is your temple.

I have clients who come every week.

I have clients who come every other week.

I have clients who come on the same date every month.

I have clients who come on their lunch break.

I have clients who like to start the day with their 8.30 am massage appointment and others who like to start the weekend with their AW Friday massage.

The body goes through a kind of detox and muscles are relaxed after a massage. This is why it’s best to drink water or tea after a massage and rest. No gym sessions or using heavy machinery after a massage.

I use coconut oil and lavender essential oil to massage my clients and ask for the same when I receive massage. Lavender oil is mild and has a calming, soothing effect. I found it helped my nausea during pregnancies and can even be used on children.


I love this feeling, helping new clients feel good and regular ( very smart) clients coming back again and again because they have experienced the benefits of regular massage as a way to treat, manage and most importantly prevent problems and injury.

I prioritise clients who show this kind of self-love, self-care and self-respect towards themselves. Women who prioritise their health and wellness. They know they can’t pour from an empty cup. Their happiness and wellbeing affect their partner, children, family, friends and colleagues.

We compare our schedules and book appointments in advance for each month. There are many who plan like this.


A common misconception is that massage is a luxury treat. It’s just for once a year on my birthday. It’s too expensive. Or worse…I don’t deserve a massage or have time.

I don’t have time for illness, stress or pain. What about you?


There is something magical and healing about massage especially hot stone massage. I call these stones magic stones. The heat and deep massage combination leave you feeling energised and stellar.

I massage at least one of my four kids every day using coconut oil with lavender essential oil. They love it! I also practice self-massage. Breast massage especially is hugely beneficial for women and I can do that myself!

What about you? How often would you like to receive a massage?

I would love to know!

Feel Stellar!

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