Meditation can transform your life!

Meditation seems like the latest trend and many people feel it’s only for the yogis, zen monks, religious people or those who are very stressed.

The truth is meditation can benefit everyone and it doesn’t have to look a certain way.

What works for you, may not work well for me and vice versa. It is all about trying it out and finding what suits you best.

My own meditation practise has varied greatly and depending on what phase I am in my life it can look and feel drastically different.

When I have had a newborn in the house I may fit in breathwork when I’m feeding the baby,

When I’ve been on holiday I may fit in mindfulness exercises of bringing awareness to my senses.

When I have work deadlines and ill kids it may only be a couple of minutes of peace in the shower!

For me, the benefits of a regular meditation practice are invaluable. I have found that having a space that is dedicated to sitting meditation, that is visible and in the middle of the home….this encourages me to maintain a regular daily meditation practice.

Even if my kids are running around I can sit there and I know and they know that I’m in my zone.


Benefits of meditation:

  • Reduces Stress
  • Controls Anxiety
  • Promotes Emotional Health
  • Enhances Self-Awareness
  • Increases Attention Span
  • Reduces Age-Related Memory Loss
  • Generate Kindness
  • Help Fight Addictions
  • Makes you an easier person to be around!
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free cbt video series


I’ve had a regular daily meditation practice for most of my adult life. However, this has ranged from fitting in 5 minutes every morning in the shower to sitting down on my cushion for 30 minutes every day. It just depends on life.

Since having children it can feel more challenging and at times I feel my own resistance creeping in.

My biggest challenge with creating a meditation space was keeping it mine. My kids would steal my cushion to build their cushion forts!

I accepted that it didn’t have to be perfect and having a yoga mat and meditation cushion out permanently was enough for now. I got my kids involved too and they love to grab a cushion and join me on the yoga mat.

Luckily I have my own yoga studio which is my back up sacred meditation space with plenty of candles!

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It can be challenging to start and maintain a meditation practice. One way to help is to dedicate and create a specific chosen area where you meditate. Once you have decided you can:

  1. Place your yoga mat or cosy rug there. A constant reminder that your space is waiting for you.
  2. Place your meditation cushion there. This will help you sit comfortably.
  3. Place a blanket there in case you get cold
  4. Add a singing bowl to promote relaxation and engage the sense of sound vibrations.
  5. Add candles.  A Himalayan salt candle also emits negative ions, which has a powerful effect in a space.
  6. Add incense which calms the mind and engages the sense of smell. I love sandalwood!
  7. Add flowers, crystals, plants. Bring Mother nature to your space to tap into her energy.
  8. Add sandalwood mala beads. Malas help you count repetitions of mantras.
  9. Add your favourite statue, spiritual book and oracle cards. A symbol or tool to help you connect with your soul.
  10. Add a BlueTooth speaker to play your favourite zen music.



You don’t need to have everything set up in one day. You could start with a cushion, and you probably have a favourite candle already!

You can slowly start planning and creating your meditation space. It should feel like a sanctuary. A haven. A refuge.

A place where you feel welcome just as you are.

Somewhere you can come to and just be.

Man on stone by water sunset


Of course, you don’t need a large space or lots of flowers to meditate. The most important thing you need for meditation is the intention and mindset to start. It is always fun to decorate a new space though!

Thank you for reading!

  • You can find photos of my mat and cushion in action on my Instagram account: @stellar.wellness
  • I offer 1:1 60 minute meditation sessions at my Stellar Wellness centre and also online.
  • I also offer an online CBT & Mindfulness for Stress & Anxiety course. Please contact me.

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